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  5. English scroll down ******************** Szanowni Państwo, Polski Klub Historyczny APS zaprasza na spotkanie on-line w niedzielę 21 marca 2021 roku o godzinie 4 pm czasu w Austin (5 pm w Nowym Jorku, 23.00 w
  6. As the Biden administration assumes office, one of its key challenges is how to react to what seems to be a looming crisis in Russian domestic politics, perhaps indicating the beginning of the end of the era of Putin's unchallenged leadership. What might President Biden and his team be able to accomplish in concert with the European members of NATO and the EU that would preserve security in Europe and Eurasia while defending human rights? Join us at 5pm on Wednesday, March 3, for an deeper look at the next phase of U.S. and Russian relations.
  7. March 7th , Sunday Join us on Sunday to pick up and return Polish books at the Library pick up/drop off point in Mueller Park. www.austinpolishsociety.org Take part in a Research We were contacted by Jacek Kotus, professor from Poznan, Poland, who is currently a visiting scholar at University of Texas and is conducting a geographical research, that refers to investigation of bad (liked) and good (unliked) places in Austin in the context of your past and present experiences.If you wish to take part in res
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